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    Ever since I was little you could always find me at any party snacking on the meat, cheese and crackers. It was the place to make the perfect "cracker sandwich", and also where everyone gathered to talk, and make their own perfect creations. My Gram made sure it was at every gathering, dinner or holiday - and I would make sure I was there! Grazeland Orlando was made from my love of all things meat and cheese, the memories made from gathering around the table, and my Gram's love for Elvis. She had so much inspiration for this that her "Graceland" became my Grazeland.

     Grazeland strives to make lasting impressions and memorable experiences for our guests. From weddings to office parties, our fresh and tasty products meet the demands of every occasion with style and grace. Can't wait to meet you around the Grazing Table!!!

~ Kelly Mercado (Owner)

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